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Kylie Jenner Goes Pantless In Rare Occasion

Celebrity News | Celebrity Fashion & Beauty | Kylie Jenner February 23, 2023

Sighting Kylie Jenner going braless is not unusual because she always does that. What may be said to be unusual, however, is sighting her going pantless. She is known to have done that too but in very rare occasions some of which may have been difficult to visualize and verify. The latest of those rare cases is presented in some sexy photos she shared on Instagram on February 22, 2023.

The photos are said to be from a photo shoot for the March 2023 cover of Vanity Fair Italy. In one of the photos the filthy rich beauty mogul is seen in ultra-sexy outfit consisting of black fishnet tights said to be from Wolford, as well as shirt, tie, and loose fit coat reportedly from Valentino. Missing in the ensemble were pants that she reportedly ditched during the photo shoot.

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