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Katy Perry’s Dark Horse Copyright Infringement Conviction Quashed By US Supreme Court

News March 12, 2022

Katy Perry’s appeal against a conviction of copyright infringement by her song Dark Horse has been successful after 8 years, following US Supreme Court ruling on March 10, 2022, that quashed the conviction. That was reported by some media on March 11, 2022.

Katy Perry was in 2014 convicted by a US court of copyright infringement by her song Dark Horse, after rapper Marcus Gray sued her claiming that the diva’s song contained some copyrighted material of his song Joyful Noise. Katy Perry was consequently ordered to pay $2.8 million to the rapper. She, however, appealed against the conviction to the Supreme Court.

In quashing the earlier conviction, the Supreme Court reportedly said that the material of Joyful Noise that rapper Marcus Gray claims Katy Perry used in Dark Horse, were not unique hence commonplace material. _____________________________ © 2015 - 2022 JK Freelance Group. All Rights Reserved

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