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Shakira & Lewis Hamilton Had Secret Passionate Encounters In Ibiza. Could Romance Be Confirmed Now?

Celebrity News | Entertainment & Lifestyle | Shakira August 9, 2023

Rumors of romance between Shakira and Lewis Hamilton have been circulating globally for several months without any sort of confirmation from the duo or other sources close to them. In fact, confusion about the rumors grew after new rumors of a another romance involving NBA superstar emerged.

However, some most recent information seems to nullify the rumors of another romance, and instead consolidates her romance with the Formula One racing megastar. The new information is so compelling that one wonders whether with it the highly speculated romance between the popular diva and Lewis Hamilton could now be confirmed. The information is as thus.

According to some US media on August 8, 2023, the Hips Don't Lie hitmaker and Lewis Hamilton had 3 secret passionate encounters in her villa in Ibiza, Spain, recently. The romantic meetings are said to have taken place in the luxury property in total privacy without presence of any of those who work there. Some media even suggest that to ensure secrecy of the encounters, the diva made appropriate arrangements so that Lewis Hamilton could sneak into the villa probably just before or after the midnight hour!

Even earlier, Shakira probably hinting about her secret passionate escapades with Lewis Hamilton, reportedly shared a pic of herself and Lewis hamilton in what could be her villa in Ibiza. In the pic, the indoor atmosphere looks quite romantic while Shakira with her free flowing hair and black plunging outfit looks very chic and extra-ordinarily beautiful as always.

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