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Shakira Dating Lucien Laviscount

Female Celebrity News | Entertainment & Lifestyle | Shakira April 4, 2024

Shakira (47) is dating Lucien Laviscount (31), reported some US media on April 4, 2024.

According to the reports, the romance began during the shooting of the sexy music video for Shakira and Cardi B's new duet Punteria, in February 2024, in which Lucien Laviscount starred.

Since then, the Dare hitmaker and the actor are said to have been sighted together on romantic date nights in New York City and elsewhere.

Notwithstanding, however, some sources suggest that the romance between Shakira and Lucien Laviscount may be complex because it may not be an outcome of search for same things by the duo. More specifically, the sources propound that while to Shakira the romance may be a result of her search for love, to Lucien Laviscount it may be a result of his search for not only love but public recognition, i.e., people to know his name.

In other words, what the sources are saying is as thus.

Shakira may have fallen for Lucien Laviscount because she thinks he can provide the love she badly needs right now. Lucien Laviscount on his part, may have gone into the romantic relationship because he thinks the extremely popular and wealthy diva can provide not only love but the public exposure he needs desperately at the moment, that may help him soar to greater heights of fame and wealth.

Whether the sources are correct is difficult to establish. But if they were, that would't be surprising anyway. Afterall, in the 21st century world that is becoming increasingly materialistic, everybody is looking for something. Others like Shakira may be looking for love only because they have everything else; while for others like Lucien Laviscount, they may be looking for love and everything else that they don't have. What is exactly wrong with that?


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