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Shakira And Lewis Hamilton. Romance Ongoing Or In The Making?

Celebrity News | Celebrity Fashion & Beauty | Shakira June 7, 2023

In the past couple of weeks rumors have been circulating globally that Shakira and Lewis Hamilton are dating after they were sighted together on several occasions in Miami, Florida, in romantically suggestive circumstances.

On one occasion, the global music megastar is said to have been sighted on a cruise outing in Miami, with the motor racing megastar and his friends. On another occasion a few days later, the duo was seen having a candlelight dinner in an upmarket restaurant in downtown Miami.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the romance rumors were dismissed in many quarters that suggested that Shakira and Lewsis Hamilton are no more than just friends. Many seem to have agreed with that observation until last weekend, after Shakira made an unexpected move. Flying all the way from Miami where she lives now, to Barcelona in Spain just to, according to some reports, support Lewis Hamilton during the Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix there.

At the Grand Prix event, Shakira is said to have been captured cheering Lewis Hamilton actively, as he extraordinarily speeded and delivered better performance than at Monaco Grand Prix a week earlier, taking a 2nd place compared to the 4th place at Monaco. He was probably inspired to excel at Spanish Grand Prix knowing that Shakira was there and watching every move his Mercedes made!

The above move and excitement by the popular diva who is now single, about the performance of Lewis Hamilton at the Grand Prix in Barcelona, is said to have raised the question of whether she and Lewis Hamilton are just friends as purported. As such, that has triggered recurrence of the romance rumors with some media sources saying that romance between Shakira and Lewis Hamilton is now ongoing or at least in the making.

The recurring romance rumors are said to have been reinforced after Shakira and Lewis Hamilton were spotted in a cocktail party in Barcelona after the Spanish Grand Prix, with latter having his arm around the former’s shoulder. As if the PDA was not enough, Shakira later posed in a sexy Versace outfit said to be a gift from Lewis Hamilton. She later shared a photo of herself in the sexy outfit on social media, probably to show the world what her new man has bought her.

So far, however, neither Shakira nor Lewis Hamilton has commented on the recurring romance rumors.

One last thing that is probably interesting to mention here. Lewis Hamilton is renowned for his great taste for exotic ultra-attractive women who can deliver and dance sexy music. Previously, he dated the incredible Nicole Scherzinger!

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