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Rihanna Evokes Early Retirement And Third Pregnancy Rumors

Female Celebrity News | Female Celebrity Fashion & Beauty | Rihanna June 7, 2024

Rihanna has evoked rumors worldwide, of early retirement and third pregnancy, reported some US media on June 7, 2024.

According to the reports she did that on June 6, 2024, after stepping out into downtown New York City (NYC) with the extraodinary rapper A$AP Rocky, in a blue front printed T-shirt with statement reading "I'm Retired". Also, as she made her move in town, the beauty billionare was seen doing everything she could to cover her stomach with a green handbag she was carrying, as if trying to conceal a growing bump of another baby hence third pregnancy.

Since becoming a mom with two sons, Rihanna in recent time seems to have been striving to give her new family priority, or at least striking an appropriate balance between career and family life. That probably delivers great happiness to her.

As for detail description of the outfit Rihanna was wearing on that day in NYC, it consisted of black maxi skirt and the mentioned blue front printed T-shirt.

She accessorized the outfit with red sneakers, green handbag, trendy shades, ample necklaces, and dreadlocks, among others.


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