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Pink Biography

Pink is an American music artist, actress, model, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She was born Alecia Beth Moore on September 8, 1979 in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, USA. After attending elementary school during which time she also trained as a gymnast between the ages of 4 - 12, Pink took her high school education at Central Bucks High School West in Doylestown, PA.

Her interest and pursuance of carrier as music artist is said to had began while still at high school when she joined a rather short-lived band called Middleground. With the demise of the band, Pink continued to pursue a career in music through, among others, performing in clubs in Philadelphia before joining an all-girl music group called Basic Instinct in 1993 at the age of 14. But again, like Middleground, Basic Instinct was short-lived.

Basic Instinct was dissolved a short while later, but that did not, however, deter her search for a breakthrough into the music industry. In 1995 she and two other teenage girls established R&B group called Choice. The group had very little success, releasing only one single called Key To My Heart. It was eventually dissolved in 1998.

Notwithstanding, nevertheless, after almost seven years of unsuccessful persistent attempts to penetrate the mainstream of the global music industry, Pink finally made a breakthrough in 2000. That happened after she went solo and signed a recording contract with LaFace Records, and released her first studio album Can’t Take Me the same year. The album featured her debut singles There You Go and Most Girls, both of which peaked on Billboard Hot 100. The album earned her Female New Artist of the Year Award at the 2000 Billboard Music Awards.

Her second studio album Missundaztood was released just a year later in 2001. The album was a great success worldwide, reaching No.1 in charts in several countries including Ireland, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand. It earned her two awards at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards, as well as a World Music Award. Singles in the album include her masterpieces Just Like A Pill, Get The Party Started, Family Portrait, and Don’t Let Me Get Me. Because of the huge success of the album, Pink was named the 2002 Top Female Billboard 200 Artist of the Year.

Missundaztood is said to have redefined Pink as a music artist, portraying her total musical revolution by which she took fully control of her artistic creativity in terms of, among others, lyric writing and dancing style, hence Pink we know today.

Pink released her third studio album Try This in 2003 that was followed by a fourth studio album I’m Not Dead about three years later in 2006. The fourth album that featured one of her iconic masterpiece singles Stupid Girls, was quite a success reaching the top ten in USA and No.1 in Germany and Australia.

In 2008 Pink released her fifth studio album Funhouse. The album featured some of greatest hit singles including So What, Bad Influence, Please Don’t Leave Me, and Funhouse.

After a period about four years that entailed: a world tour for promoting Funhouse album, several collaboration ventures with other big-time artists, and delivery of a compilation album called Greatest Hits…So Far!!!, Pink in 2012 released her sixth studio album The Truth About Love.

The Truth About Love became extremely popular from the very beginning, topping Billboard 200 and becoming Pink’s first No.1 album in her homeland USA. It also became No.1 album in several other countries including Canada, Germany, Australia, and Sweden. Singles in the album include Blow Me, Try, and Just Give A Reason.

A world tour for buttressing the album, namely The Truth About Love Tour of 2013 is said to have generated $147.9 million in ticket sales making it the 3rd best selling tour that year. Same year, Pink signed a recording contract with RCA Records.

Pink’s seventh studio album Beautiful Trauma was released in 2017. The album that entailed one of most popular singles What About Us, was commercially extremely successful. It became the 3rd best selling album in the world in 2017. Same year, Pink was awarded MTV Video Music Awards’ Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.

The album’s promotional tour called Beautiful Trauma Tour held in 2018 – 2019 generated a staggering $397.3 million in ticket sales, the highest such earning for a female artist in a decade. The tour earned her Billboard’s top touring and live performance honor, namely Legend of Live Award, in 2019.

In 2019 Pink released her 8th studio album Hurts 2B Human. The album that features hit single Walk Me Home, among others, is also her last studio album as of August 2020.

Pink has sold over 90 million records worldwide so far, hence one of the best selling music artists in the world. In recognition of her remarkable contribution to the music industry, she has been honored immensely with awards. The latter include, among others, the following:

· 6 MTV Video Music Awards

· 3 Grammy Awards

· 3 Billboard Music Awards

· 2 BRIT Awards

· 1 Emmy Award

· Billboard’s Legend of Live Award (2019)

· A star on Hollywood Walk of Fame (2019)

· MTV Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award (2017)

As an actress, Pink using her birth name Alecia Moore has played roles in several movies alongside some of world renown movie stars. The movies she has been involved include, among others, the following.

· Thank For Sharing (2013)

· Get Him To The Greek (2010)

· Catacombs (2007)

· Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (2003)

· Rollerball (2002)

She has also played roles in some television shows.

Pink’s engagement in modelling and entrepreneurship albeit could be argued to be at rather lesser extent in comparison to music and movie acting, has, however, been good.

On the one hand, her modelling career mainly entailed the role of spokesmodel for cosmetics firm CoverGirl. She took the role in 2012 to contribute to the firm’s advertising effort.

On the other hand, her entrepreneurship activities have been centred mainly on endorsement of products and services. In this regard, she has had lucrative endorsement deals with Volkswagen, T-Mobile, Sony Ericsson, and CoverGirl, among others.

As a philanthropist, her contribution has been absolutely outstanding, supporting over 27 charities so far. The charities include the following.

· Save the Children



· Human Rights Campaign

· Make Poverty History

· World Animal Protection

· Greenpeace

· YouthAIDS

· United4.good

· Kind Campaign

· Population Services International

Her staunch commitment to philanthropy, and particularly her strong love for children and their well-being, is known worldwide. As such, on November 30, 2015 she was announced as UNICEF Ambassador by the UN children body.

As an individual person, Pink who is very beautiful, is very intelligent, charismatic, humouristic, friendly, charming, empathetic, very strong, very independent, confident, honest, very hard working, ambitious, strategic, and liberal, among many other great personal qualities.

Partly because of her incredible personal qualities, Pink is said to be liked and loved throughout the world. For instance, in 2018 the People magazine before revealing the cover of its issue themed Most Beautiful, that featured her, described her and we quote as thus.

“… a performer, mother, and role model whose honesty, humor, confidence, and sheer star power make her one of the most beloved and fascinating entertainers on the planet”

By inference, Pink’s life so far, illustrates attainment of personal goals is difficult and may appear elusive in the short run. However, with resilience and determination coupled with strategic hard working such goals may eventually be attained.

Also, Pink’s life has demonstrated the significance of being yourself in advancement and commercialization of natural personal talents and other gifts. Her life has shown vividly that being yourself may enhance peoples’ ability to excel in what they love doing with their lives, leading to material prosperity and happiness hence personal success.

Particularly, through Pink’s life, it has become evident that great unique artistic creations and innovations from people emanate from what they are as themselves. It is probably in recognition of these implications of Pink’s life so far, that she is said to have inspired many other artists, young and old, including: Bebe Rexha, Halsey, Demi Lovato, Dua Lipa, and even Kesha, Katy Perry, and Christina Aguilera.

Finally, but not least, with net worth of $200 million as of 2020 by Celebrity Net Worth magazine, there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Pink has made extra-ordinary accomplishments as a music artist, actress, model, and entrepreneur. Because she made the remarkable career accomplishments while also working hard to make the world a better place through active philanthropy, Pink is definitely one of the smartest beautiful women in the world.


Last update: August 21, 2020

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