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Paris Hilton Says Her Sexual Debut Was Through Been Raped By An Older Guy

Celebrity News | Paris Hilton February 25, 2023

Paris Hilton has narrated that her sexual debut was through been raped by an older guy at the age of 15. That was reported by some US media on February 25, 2023. According to the reports, the self-made beauty millionaire made the candid disclosure during a recent interview with the Glamour magazine.

More specifically, she reportedly narrated that the rape took place after she and her friends frequented their favorite mall in Los Angeles, CA. She continued that, at the mall they interacted with some older guys who invited them to their house where she was drugged through booze and raped by one of the guys. She said that the nonconsensual act was her first sexual experience.

This is not the first time the popular entertainer and entrepreneur has spilled the beans about her past experiences of sexual nature. In the recent past for instance, she narrated in another interview that she was sexually abused as a teenager by staff at the exclusive boarding school, Provo Canyon School, in Utah.

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