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Paris Hilton Narrates Chilling Ordeal Suffered At Boarding School

Paris Hilton has narrated a chilling ordeal she suffered as 17 year- old teenager at boarding school in the late 1990s. That was reported by some media on August 23, 2020. The beauty mogul reportedly gave the narration to People magazine recently.

According to the reports, Paris Hilton told the magazine that she suffered the ordeal during 11 months as a pupil at a boarding school called Provo Canyon School in Utah, USA. She elaborated that the chilling ordeal was unleashed by the staff of the school to all pupils there, in the form of non-stop beatings, strangulation, bullying, yelling, screaming, and other abuses. She added that because of the perpetual torture, she got panic attacks and was crying all the time.

Paris Hilton who in July 2020 announced she will run for US president in 2020 so that she can make America sexy again but later withdrew her intended candidacy, said she will provide more details of her traumatic experience at Provo Canyon School in a documentary called This is Paris Hilton due to premiere on YouTube on September 14, 2020. _________________________ © 2015 - 2020 Smartbeautifulwomen. All Rights Reserved

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