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Noah Cyrus In Ultra Sexy Wrap Oufit. Emulating Or Challenging Bianca Censori?

Female Celebrity News | Female Celebrity Fashion & Beauty | Noah Cyrus February 17, 2024

In some photos Noah Cyrus shared on Instagram a day a so ago, she is seen in an ultra sexy outfit that portrays fashion style similar to the ultra sexy outfits often worn by Bianca Censori.

More specifically, the outfit consisted of unique clear wrap attire that covered the whole body including the head, with only sheer underwear beneath.

Black prints here and there provided minimal cover to some body areas.

The extraordinary End Of Everything hitmaker's outfit is said to have left her fans trying to figure out the message she was sending across with the outfit. Many of them are said to have concluded that she is probably following the footsteps of Bianca Censori, hence emulating her.

Some other sources don't agree with fans though. They think Noah Cyrus is not emulating Bianca Censori, but rather telling the world that she has been putting on ultra sexy outfits long before the famous architect started doing that on a regular basis.

In other words, then, Noah Cyrus is challenging Bianca Censori. If that is the case, could the challenge lead to a celebrity fashion feud? If it does, that would be fascinating, isn't it?


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