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No Old Men For Cher Because They Are Either Dead Or Too Scared To Make A Move On Her

Female Celebrity News | Entertainment & Lifestyle May 2, 2024

There are no old men for Cher because they are now all dead, and previously such old guys were intimidated by her, probably due to her enormous wealth and fame, hence too scared to make a move on her. That is according to the legendary music diva's fascinating candid disclosure of, among others, the reason behind her romance preference of dating younger men only, during an interview with Jennifer Hudson on The Jennifer Hudson Show recently.

During the interview, Cher (77) specifically told Jennifer Hudson that, and we quote partly as thus.

"And the reason I go out with young men is because men of my age are older, well, now they're all dead, but before, they were always terrified to approach me ......."

She then indicated that younger people are bold, probably meaning that they are the ones who dare to make a move on her.

Currently, the Believe himaker is dating Alexander Edwards (38). The duo is said to have begun dating in 2022.

More generally, Cher is not the only female celebrity who prefers lovers to be younger. For instance, Kris Jenner (68), Madonna (65), Kristin Cavallari (37), Miley Cyrus (30), etc., have the same dating preference. Even Jennifer Lopez (54), Kim Kardashian (43), and Britney Spears (42), have tried the preference.

At the same time, many male celebrities have always preferred younger female lovers. Such male celebrities include Rupert Murdoch (93), Al Pacino (84), Robert De Niro (80), Mick Jagger (80), Lionell Ritchie (74), Eddie Murphy (63), Nicolas Cage (60), Diddy (56), and Leonardo DiCaprio (49), among others.


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