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Mixed Reactions To Granting Of Album Of The Year Award At Grammy Awards 2024

Female Celebrity News | Taylor Swift February 5, 2024

There have been mixed reactions to the granting of Album of the Year award to Taylor Swift, at Grammy Awards 2024 alias 66th Grammy Awards ceremony that was held at Arena in Los Angeles, CA, on February 4, 2024 (local time). That was reported by some US media on February 5, 2024.

According to the reports, while some sources have applauded and congratulated Taylor Swift for winning the Grammy Awards' trophy again, having won it three times before, some other sources believe she was not the rightful recipient of the prestigious trophy.

For instance, the billionaire rapper Jay Z is said to have lambasted the Grammy Awards organization for not granting the trophy to his wife Beyoncé who he said has numerous awards from the organization except this particular trophy. He wondered why Taylor Swift should be granted the trophy four times while Beyoncé has not seen any. Jay Z, therefore, seems to believe that Beyoncé was the deserving recipient of the trophy and not the Anti-Hero hitmaker.

At the same time, some other sources that include SZA fans also believe that Taylor Swift was not the rightful recipient of the Grammy Awards' trophy, say the reports. However, these sources unlike Jay Z, are said not to have Beyoncé in mind for the rightful recipient. Instead, they believe the deserving recipient was SZA. They are said to have observed that SZA's album SOS that failed to win the trophy is better and particularly more creative than Taylor Swift's winning album Midnights.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, this is not the first time Taylor Swift's win at at global award events has been disputed publicly. In 2009, the popular wealthy rapper Ye, formerly Kanye West, castigated Taylor Swift win of Best Female Video trophy at MTV Video Music Awards 2009, by storming the stage when Taylor Swift was delivering her acceptance speech for the trophy. He interrupted her by taking the microphone from her, leaving her looking utterly confused and probably having no idea about what was going on. The rapper then told her and we quote partly as thus.

"Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time ..."

In other words, Ye was telling Taylor Swift that it was Beyoncé who deserved the trophy, not her.

Probably one of the most fascinating celebrity feuds of all time!


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