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Melanie Hamrick Engaged To Mick Jagger

Celebrity News July2, 2023

Melanie Hamrick (36) is engaged to Mick Jagger (79), reported some British media on July 2, 2023. According to the reports, she is the one who confirmed the engagement.

Rumors about the engagement are said to have first emerged in November 2022, when she was spotted flaunting a gliterring diamond ring on her engagement finger. However, she unwaveringly dismissed the rumors until now.

The ballerina and the legendary rock 'n' roll musician have been dating since 2014, and have a child together. More precisely, she is mother no. 5 of Mick Jagger's total number of 8 children of ages ranging from under 10 to over 50. The other 4 mothers are as thus.

  1. Bianca Jagger born Bianca Perez-Mora Macias (1 child)

  2. Jerry Hall (4 children)

  3. Luciana Gimenez (1 child)

  4. Marsha Hunt ( 1 child)

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