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Man Travels Over 2500 Miles To Propose To Rihanna

Celebrity News | Entertainment & Lifestyle | Rihanna March 24, 2023

A man who travelled over 2500 miles from South Carolina to Los Angeles, California, tried to get into Rihanna’s mansion on March 23, 2023, reported some US media on March 24, 2023. However, Rihanna’s security team stopped him before he could enter the posh property and called the police.

According to the reports, the police arrested the man but later released him with a warning that he should not return to the mansion. When under the temporary arrest, the man is said to have told the police that he travelled all the way from South Carolina to Los Angeles to propose to the self-made beauty billionaire. In other words, he wanted to get down on one knee and ask Rihanna to marry him.

The rather fascinating incident is not unprecedented though. In 2018, another man obsessed with Rihanna or probably who had a secret crash on her broke into her mansion in Los Angeles when she was out of town. He hid himself in there for a day while waiting for her to come back home. He was however arrested before Rihanna came back. While under arrest, the intruder, namely Eduardo Leon, told police that he was in the house because he wanted to have sex with Rihanna.

Men madly obsessed with Rihanna probably because of her extreme beauty and fame, cannot therefore be said to be uncommon. Nevertheless, one would have expected such men to have given up now that Rihanna is having a child and another one on the way with the extra-ordinary rapper A$AP Rocky. Would they probably give up if A$AP Rocky proposes and eventually marries Rihanna?

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