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Madonna Introduces 29-Year-Old New Man To 23-Year-Old Son Rocco

Celebrity News | Entertainment & Lifestyle August 21, 2023

On August 16, 2023, Madonna threw a lavish party in Lisbon, Portugal, to mark her 65th birthday. That was reported by various media.

According to the reports, the filthy rich music titan brought all her 6 children to the birthday party. As such, she is said to have seized the occasion to introduce her new man Joshua Popper (29) to her oldest son Rocco Ritchie (23).

Madonna has dated only a handful of men of her age or older. The few include Sean Penn, Tupac Shakur, Dennis Rodman, Warren Beatty, Lenny Kravitz, and Bobby Brown. Otherwise, the popular diva seems to prefer her men to be younger than herself, with age gap that has been widening as she grew older.

The dating preference seems to have began or perhaps consolidated when she married Guy Ritchie in December 2000, at the age 42 while Guy Ritchie was 31 hence 11-year-age gap. After they called it quits in October 2008, the age gap between herself and most of her men who followed just kept on soaring. For instance, hitherto her current 29-year-old boxer boyfriend, Madonna dated 23-year-old male model called Andrew Darnell, after spliting from 28-year-old male dancer called Ahlamalik Williams.

Fascinating dating preference by Madonna that she is unlikely to have any problem whatsoever in maintaining. That is because, given her sustained girly looks and massive wealth and fame, there could be numerous men of all ages out there, who dream and fantasize everyday, about dating her even just for a few hours!

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