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Lilly Becker Labels Husband Boris Becker Narcissist, Egoist, And Serial Cheater

Celebrity News July 5, 2023

Lilly Becker has unleashed a devastating attack on her husband Boris Becker (separated), labelling him a narcissist, egoist, and serial cheater. That was reported by some media on July 5, 2023. According to the reports, Lilly Becker made the merciless assault when talking to German media recently, about a forthcoming documentary about Boris Becker.

More specifically, Lilly Becker (47) is said to have claimed, among others, that Boris Becker (55) is selfish, and has cheated on her multiple times. She continued that when she ditched him in 2018, Boris Becker kicked her and their son out of the house hence throwing them into the street, and since then he has strived to destroyed her because nobody ditches Boris Becker! She added that, so far, Boris Becker has refused to sign divorce papers despite the long separation.

Fascinating damning attack by Lilly Becker on the legendary former tennis megastar Boris Becker!

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