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Lauren Pisciotta Says Ye Masturbated In The Midst Of Their Phone Conversations

Female Celebrity News | Entertainment & Lifestyle June 4, 2024

Lauren Pisciotta has disclosed that Ye, formerly Kanye West, masturbated in the midst of phone conversations with her when she was his employee as an assistant between July 2021 - October 2022. That was reported by some US media on June 4, 2024. She is said to have made the fascinating damning disclosure in details of a sexual harassment claim against Ye that is in a lawsuit she filed on June 3, 2024.

More specifically, in the lawsuit the model reportedly claimed that as Ye masturbated during phone conversations with her, he would ask her if she could hear or suspect what he was doing. He would also ask her about the sizes of her boyfriends' dicks.

She reportedly added in the lawsuit that Ye also unleashed phone sexual harassment on her through text messages. She is said to have given details of the text messages in the lawsuit, and we quote one of them partly as thus.

"See my problem is I be wanting to f--k but then after I f--k I want a girl to tell me how hard they have been f--ked while I'm f--king them........"

Furthermore, Lauren Pisciotta is said to have claimed in the lawsuit that Ye did not only sexually harass her through phone calls and text messages, but through explicit sexy videos and photos as well. Particularly, she reportedly claimed that Ye bombarded her with explicit sexy videos and photos, in some of which he was seen bonking other women.

Further to sexual harassment, Lauren Pisciotta is said to have accused Ye of breach of contract, wrongful termination, and hostile work environment, in the lawsuit. Reportedly, she is seeking compensation for some of her claims.


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