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Kylie Jenner Pregnant One More Time?

Celebrity News | Entertainment & Lifestyle July 26, 2022

There are powerful rumors circulating worldwide that Kylie Jenner (24) may be pregnant one more time or at least planning to do so very soon. The rumors that emanate from her fans, were sparked by Kylie Jenner’s reaction to a post Travis Scott (31) shared on Instagram on July 24, 2022.

While the fans’ reactions were comments about the popular rapper’s new music, the beauty multi-millionaire’s response was quite different. She responded to the post with a hoard of passionate emojis that entailed one tongue-out emoji followed by four pregnant women emojis. An absolutely fascinating romantic reaction by Kylie Jenner to her long-time boyfriend Travis Scott’s post, that was quickly interpreted by her fans as an announcement of pregnancy or pregnancy in the making!

If the fans are correct, then the pregnancy that would imply her third child with Travis Scott, would be extra-ordinary for two reasons.

First, her second child is just five months old with no official name yet to be announced by the celebrity duo.

Second, the timing of the pregnancy presents something new by Kylie Jenner in the sense that she got her second child almost four years after her first, Stormi Brewster (4).

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