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Kylie Jenner Bombarded With Compelling Compliment From Travis Scott

Celebrity News | Kylie Jenner April 3, 2023

After months of silence since Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott allegedly called it quit again, the latter has broken the silence by bombarding the former with a compelling compliment. That happened on April 1, 2023, after Travis Scott delivered a short comment on Kylie Jenner’s post on Instagram, calling her “a beauty”.

Could the lovely compliment be an indication that the popular rapper is missing the beauty mogul so much that he is now trying to tune her as he strives to win her back?

Rekindling of their on-again off-again romance wouldn’t be surprising though. They have done that several times before and each time their romance emerged stronger. For instance, the last rekindling was followed almost immediately by their second child!

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