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Kim Kardashian’s Request To Be Officially Single Blocked By Ye

News | Lifestyle & Entertainment February 19, 2022

Ye has opposed Kim Kardashian’s request to be officially single, reported some US media on February 19, 2022.

According to the reports, Ye did that in response to a motion filed to court by Kim Kardashian in December 2021, that requests the court to declare her single before she is officially divorced. In responding, Ye through his attorneys is said to have filed a countermotion against Kim Kardashian’s motion, citing various reasons.

Ye’s legal response to Kim Kardashian’s legal request presents significant shift in approach in his attempts to win back his estranged wife who filed for divorce from him in February 2021. Until now, the filthy rich rapper has been using rather informal mechanisms entailing, among others, public utterances, gestures, and actions to disseminate indirectly to the beauty billionaire that he still loves her deeply and would like to have her back for good!

For instance, on Valentine’s Day Ye is said to have delivered a full truck load of red roses to Kim Kardashian, as a gesture of his love for her. Even some days earlier, the famous rapper reportedly unleashed a devastating verbal assault on Kim Kardashian’s current boyfriend Pete Davidson on Instagram, renaming him Dickhead. The assault was probably aimed at frustrating Pete Davidson who Ye may perceive as a spoiler and compelling him to ditch Kim Kardashian hence probably making his efforts for winning his estranged wife back easier. _____________________________ © 2015 - 2022 JK Freelance Group. All Rights Reserved

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