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Kim Kardashian Expresses Deep Love For Kanye Despite Looming Divorce. What Exactly Does She Mean?

News | Lifestyle & Entertainment June 9, 2021

In a post Kim Kardashian shared on social media to mark Kanye West’s 44th birthday, she expressed in a caption a lifelong love for the billionaire rapper, despite looming divorce. More specifically, the beauty tycoon reportedly captioned that she will love Kanye West for life.

But then, what exactly does Kim Kardashian mean with this rather paradoxical expression of deep love, given the circumstances? Could it probably mean she is contemplating withdrawal of the divorce papers she filed and rekindle the romance with the popular wealthy rapper? Or could it perhaps be that she was just implying love for Kanye West as co-parent to their four kids? We think the former is most likely! What do you guys out there who may know the celebrity duo better than us think? _________________________ © 2015 - 2021 Smartbeautifulwomen. All Rights Reserved

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