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Kim Kardashian Biography

Biographies | Kim Kardashian March 17, 2019

Kim Kardashian is an American reality television personality, actress, television producer, fashion designer, model, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She was born Kimberly Noel Kardashian on October 21, 1980, in a middle class family, in Los Angeles, California, USA. She pursued and completed high school education in Los Angeles, at a Roman Catholic all girls school called Marymount High School.

Kim Kardashian's successful life as a celebrity, could be said to have been initiated by her extraordinary ability to convert what could be seen as bad situation by some people, into immense opportunity for success. That is what happened in 2007, when media leakage of a four years old private sex tape of herself and her former boyfriend Ray J. propelled her into fame, instead of becoming a catastrophe as had been expected in some quarters.

The unexpected positive publicity that resulted out of the sex tape leakage by the media, facilitated the creation of a reality television show by the Kardashian family, called: Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The show led to Kim Kardashian's breakthrough into other spheres of career life, including acting, modelling, endorsement, and retailing. In 2010 Kim Kardashian was reported to be the highest paid reality television personality with annual earnings of $15 million. By 2015, the earnings had risen to staggering $53 million.

Kim Kardashian's success in reality television triggered what could be described as domino effect that entailed milestones in other areas of her career interests including acting, television production, entrepreneurship, and fashion design, among others.

As an actor, she appeared for the first time in a film in 2008 in the movie Disaster Movie. In the same year she appeared in Dancing With Stars. In 2009, she played a role in an episode of the series How I Met Your Mother, and appeared as a guest star in CSI:NY as well as in four episodes of Beyond The Break. The following year, 2010, Kim Kardashian played a role called Summa Eve I the film Deep In The Valley, and also appeared in The Apprentice. In 2014 she voiced the role of an alien in the animated series, American Dad. More recently, Kim Kardashian made a cameo appearance in the movie Ocean's 8. The movie was released in the middle of 2018.

As a television producer, Kim Kardashian launched her own television production firm, Kimsaprincess Productions, in 2009, and instantly released 3 workout videos. In 2010 she produced for the reality television show The Spin Crowd. In the same year, she filmed a music video for a song called Jam (Turn It Up). She later premiered the song at the end of that year in a New Year's Eve party in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2014 Kim Kardashian released a mobile game, namely Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, for iPhone and Android. The game was very successful, selling $1.6 million in the first five days of release. In 2015 she released an APP called Kimoji for iOS devices, that became a best seller.

Kim Kardashian accomplishments in entrepreneurship date back to 2010 when she started venturing in various endorsement deals. Early endorsement deals include that with Carl's Jr., a fast food restaurant chain in Western and Southwestern USA. Also, she has had lucrative endorsement deals with several companies including Coca Cola, for endorsing products through her posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, with fees reported to have been as high as $300 000 per post! Notwithstanding, however, it is perhaps her involvement in the fashion and beauty industries that accounts to largest degree for her outstanding achievement as an entrepreneur.

Her ventures in fashion and beauty entail mainly clothing and perfume fragrance lines.

On the one hand, her clothing lines are mainly collaborations with her two sisters, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian. With them, she launched D-A-S-H clothing boutiques in 2006. She also launched a clothing line for Bebe Stores as well as Virgins, Saints, and Angels. Furthermore, Kim Kardashian is a co-founder and the chief fashion stylist ShoeDazzle. The latter is an online shoe company valued at $280 million as of 2012, and reported to have over 3 million paying subscribers. In 2012 she launched the Kardashian Kollection in England.

On the other hand, her perfume fragrance line has been very successful. Her latest fragrances, Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Citrus, and Crystal Gardenia Oud were launched in November 2017 through her online cosmetic line KKW Beauty, and made available at her online shop The fragrances were best sellers, selling $10 million on day one of the launch, and sold out in just six days!

Kim Kardashian is also a staunched philanthropist. Particularly, she supports actively Los Angeles' Children Hospital through direct financial donations and regular visits to admitted sick children and their parents. LA's Children Hospital is an international hospital the offers medical care to 107 000 children annually from all over the world.

Further to her support to LA Children Hospital, Kim Kardashian supports many other charitable causes including those of the following charities.

  1. Alzheimer's Association

  2. American Foundation for AIDS Research

  3. Breast Cancer Research Foundation

  4. Clara Lionel Foundation

  5. Dream Foundation

  6. The Salvation Army

  7. Skin Cancer Foundation

  8. Mattel Children Hospital

  9. Diamond Empowerment Fund, and

  10. Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, among others

In addition to her support to various charities, Kim Kardashian engages in other humanitarian activities including fighting for social justice and well-being of individual persons as well as social and political activism for societal change. This side of Kim Kardashian is well illustrated by the following two cases.

First, in June 2018, Kim Kardashian helped a 63 years old African American Alice Marie Johnson who was serving a mandatory life prison sentence without parole for a drug trafficking and money laundering first offense, pardoned by President Donald Trump. She did that through a visit to the White House where she met the president and successfully negotiated the release of Ms Johnson.

Second, and more recently, in March 2019 Kim Kardashian offered to pay in advance accommodation cost for an ex-convict Matthew Charles who has been homeless since his release from prison in mid February 2019. However, no landlord in Matthew Charles' home state of Tennessee would accept him as a tenant!

Kim Kardashian is very popular and influential, with an incredible appeal for peoples' liking and love that very probably emanate from her stunning beauty, friendliness, humbleness, charisma, and empathy. Her immense popularity and influence, is exemplified vividly by her numerous followers on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Also, and in our view, Kim Kardashian is a person who never forgets those through whom she received help in the course of her career development, no matter the circumstances or what others think about them. For instance, when Hugh Hefner, the legendary founder of Playboy magazine passed away on September 27, 2017, she paid a very warm tribute for him on Facebook, saying she love him and will miss him. The renown lifestyle magazine is reported to have contributed to her global exposure and popularity at the early years of her career.

Kim Kardashian is very intelligent and strategic thinker. Her ability to uplift herself from a girl from an ordinary middle class American family, to one of the world's most popular and richest female celebrities with a net worth of staggering $1.2 billion as of April 2023 by Forbes, firmly confirms that. Coupled with her strong concern about others in society through her various philanthropic activities, Kim Kardashian is, indeed, one of the smartest beautiful women in the world.

(Last update: April 7, 2023)


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