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Kendall Jenner Back Together With Bad Bunny. A Lasting Romance Rekindling?

Female Celebrity News | Kendall Jenner June 1, 2024

Kendall Jenner is back together with Bad Bunny again, about 6 months since she ditched him, reported some US media on May 31, 2024. The popular supermodel ditched the rapper in December 2023 after a rather short romance said to have begun in February same year.

Reports of the romance rekindling come after Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny were sighted having romantic dinner in a private VIP room in a Japanese restaurant in downtown Miami, FL, on May 24, 2024. About 48 hours later on May 26, 2024, the duo were sighted again, this time sneaking out a luxury hotel in the city, where they are believed to have spent a night of passion together.

The rekindling of romance between Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny has, however, been taken with caution by some of the reports, that wonder whether it will be a lasting one. They observed that Kendall Jenner has previously demonstrated a tendency of liking on-again off-again romance with her most favorable ex-boyfriends. They added that she does that to keep her romance options open.

The reports exemplified saying that after ditching Bad Bunny, she went back together with her ex-boyfriend Devin Booker. She then ditched him again after a while, just before the current rekindling of romance with Bad Bunny. They even suggested that her return to Devin Booker could have been intended to make Bad Bunny want to have her back. And if that is the case, then Devin Booker could be feeling the same right now! So perhaps if the supermodel were to ditch Bad Bunny again and then suggest reunion with Devin Booker one more time, the professional basketball superstar's answer may be a quick yes!

Even before Bad Bunny, when Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker went their separate ways in the midst of their 2-year on-again off-again romance, rekindling of the romance followed almost instantly after Kendall Jenner shared on social media in June 2022, an ultra sexy photo of herself sunbathing totally naked probably to remind Devin Booker of what he was missing!


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