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Julia Fox Has Had No Sex Since 2021. How Long Can The Celibacy Continue?

Female Celebrity News | Entertainment & Lifestyle May 13, 2024

Julia Fox (34) has had no sex since 2021, reported some US media on May 13, 2024. According to the reports, Julia Fox made the fascinating revelation of her ongoing voluntary celibacy on Tik Tok.

The actress' revelation seems to support a claim she made in an interview with a US newspaper in 2023, that her 6-week romance with Ye, formerly Kanye West, in early 2022 was non-sexual. The claim was rather ambiguous though, denying having sex with Ye during their fling by saying and we quote partly as thus.

"Because there, like, wasn't any. It wasn't really about that"

The 2023 claim notwithstanding, the question arising now is how long can Julia Fox continue abstaining from sex? This question is logical and crucial because some available scientific evidence suggests that lack of sex, whether voluntary or involuntary, can have far reaching implications for wellbeing.

For instance, Abraham Maslow in his iconic theory of needs that he illustrated by a model called the hierarchy of needs, cited sex as an important physiological need that has to be met by individuals in order to ensure good quality of life. By his theory, failure to attain a need like sex can lead to inability to attain other needs especially those higher on the hierarchy.

Implying from Maslow's theory, sex is, therefore, good vital stuff, and lack of it for long periods of time may have harmful effects on those affected.


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