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Joycelyn Savage Says She Is R. Kelly’s Fiancé

Celebrity News | Entertainment & Lifestyle July 13, 2022

Joycelyn Savage (26) is engaged to the recently jailed R. Kelly (55), reported some US media on July 12, 2022.

According to the reports, the news about the engagement is revealed in a letter Joycelyn Savage submitted on June 13, 2022, to the federal court in New York City (NYC) that sentenced R. Kelly just before the court delivered the sentence.

In the letter, the young music artist who some allege she is one of R. Kelly’s sexual abuse victims, is said to have pleaded the court for leniency on the Grammy winning R&B megastar for various grounds that include, among others, the following.

  1. She is R. Kelly’s fiancé

  2. She and R. Kelly are deeply in love and have a very special connection

  3. R. Kelly is amazing and the best thing that has ever happened to her

  4. She is a grown woman who can make her own decisions, hence not R. Kelly’s sex abuse victim as purported in some official narratives

The letter notwithstanding, R. Kelly was on June 29, 2022, slapped with a 30-year jail term by the NYC federal court for several federal sexual assault offences that include racketeering and sex trafficking. The sentence followed conviction of R. Kelly of the offences by the court in September 2021. R. Kelly still maintains he is innocent and has said through his attorneys that he will appeal the court decision.

Joycelyn Savage and R. Kelly are said to have first set eyes on each other in 2014 when she was 19, in a concert by R. Kelly. Reportedly, she was later that day invited backstage by R. Kelly and their romantic relationship began right there. Thereafter, in 2016, Joycelyn Savage decided to quit school and moved in with R. Kelly in his residence in Chicago. Also cohabiting with R. Kelly in the residence was another young music artist, namely, Azriel Clary (24).

Joycelyn Savage’s parents reportedly went ballistic over the decision of their daughter to quit school and cohabit with the famous artist. They filed charges accusing him of holding their daughter against her will. Jocelyn was not amused with her parent’s allegations and dismissed them right away and severed contact with them since then. However, the case stalled because Joycelyn was already an adult.

Despite the serious allegations against R. Kelly that eventually landed him in jail, Joycelyn Savage’s and Azriel Clary’s support and love for him have remained unwaveringly as other of his many girls and women including ex-wife Andrea Kelly, denounced him publicly one by one.

Photo: R Kelly's Staunchly Loyal Women Joycelyn Savage & Azriel Clary

In 2019, talking in an interview with CBS News, the two staunchly loyal women of R. Kelly, mercilessly lambasted all the women who accused R. Kelly of sexual abuse, saying, among others, that they only did that for money. They also strongly denied they were R. Kelly’s sexual abuse victims and added that the allegations originated from their parents who were trying to squeeze some cash from the R&B icon.

Unlike other post-MeToo sexual assault cases against African American male celebrities by which most of alleged female victims were European Americans, most of alleged female victims of R. Kelly are African Americans.

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