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JLo Makes A Return To Social Media With Announcement Of Forthcoming 9th Album

Celebrity News | Entertainment & Lifestyle | Jennifer Lopez November 26, 2022

Jennifer Lopez (JLo) on November 25, 2022, made a return to social media with announcement of a new music album project. A few days ago, the popular diva mysteriously vanished from the social media, with all her posts on Instagram erased and profile photos of most of her accounts on social media replaced with a black round image.

Inferring from the diva’s announcement, the new music album project entails a revisit to her 3rd studio album This Is Me …. Then that was released on November 25, 2002, to generate a new follow-up studio album called This Is Me …. Now.

The new studio album is scheduled for release in 2023. It will be JLo’s 9th studio album. The album will feature 13 singles with This Is Me …. Now as the lead single.

JLo’s 8th and last studio album A.K.A was released in 2014.

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