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JLo And Ben Affleck May Have Signed $5 Million Anti-Adultery Deal

Celebrity News | Jennifer Lopez September 21, 2022

Committing adultery may be very costly for Jennifer Lopez alias JLo and her husband Ben Affleck, as the extramarital act could cost the culprit a whooping sum of $5 million every time it occurs during their marriage. That is inferred from reports from some US media on September 21, 2022.

More specifically, the reports say that there are speculations that JLo and Ben Affleck have signed an anti-cheating deal by which JLo will receive $5 million from Ben Affleck if he cheats on her, and likewise the latter will receive $5 million from the former if she cheats on him.

If the speculations are correct, the deal will be one of a kind in the USA, say the reports.

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