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Jennifer Lopez Biography

Biographies | Jennifer Lopez October 11, 2017

Jennifer Lope

Jennifer Lopez alias JLo was born to a Puerto Rican parents on July 24, 1969, in Bronx, New York City, USA. She is an artist, actress, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

Her interest in entertainment can be traced back to the tender age of 5, when she began taking singing and dancing lessons. While studying at Preston High School in Bronx, Jennifer Lopez managed to get a teenage girl role in a low budget film called My Little Girl (1986). After completing high school, Jennifer Lopez enrolled at the City University of New York's Baruch College, but dropped out after only one semester. Instead, she opted to pursue her dream within the entertainment industry, despite total disapproval from her parents.

After ditching university in the late 1980s, Jennifer Lopez perfomed in several musicals including Jesus Christ Superstar, Oklahoma, and Golden Musical of Broadway. She also performed as backup dancer for New Kids on the Block and Janet Jackson. It was, however, until November 1995 when she made a breakthrough in her entertainment aspirations, with a role in a major film Money Train in 1995, starring alongside Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson. The milestone was followed by a role in another big time film Blood and Wine in 1997, with Jack Nicholson and Stephen Dorff. The same year, she starred in several other major movies including:

1) Anaconda, with Ice Cube and Jon Voight 2) U Turn, with Sean Penn and Billy Bob Thornton, and 3) Out of Sight , with George Clooney

As she was making gigantic miletsones in her film acting career, Jennifer Lopez was simultaneously launching her music career, producing her debut single If You Had My Love and debut album One the 6 in 1999. The musical success made her both a film star and pop star.

Despite some doubts about the dual talents from some quarters at the beginning, Jennifer Lopez continued making gigantic milestones in both fields of entertainment, producing her second album J.Lo. in 2001. The album was a great success with over 12 million sales worldwide. A third album This Is Me..Then followed in 2002. She produced her fourth album Rebirth in 2005. At the same time, she was adding more movies into her portfolio, starring in, among others, the following:

1) Wedding Planner in 2001 2) Gigli in 2003, with Ben Affleck 3) Shall We Dance in 2004, with Richard Gere 4) An Unfinished Life in 2005, with Morgan Freeman and Robert Redford

As an actress and artist, Jennifer Lopez has made outstanding accomplishments.

On the one hand, with a comulative film gross of over $2.89 billion, Jennifer Lopez is, indeed, a mega global film star.

On the hand, she has sol far sold over 80 million records worldwide, making her one of the most successful music artists in the world. In recognition of her immense contribution to the music industry, Jennifer Lopez has been showered with great honors including:

1) Telemundo Star Award (2017) 2) The Billborad Icon Award (2014) 3) A Landmark star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (2013) 4) Legend Award for contribution to the arts by World Music Awards (2010)

Jennifer Lopez is also a very successful entrepreneur. Her business ventures dwell in fashion and beauty products, with her own clothing and perfume fragrance lines. Her fragrance line alone, is reported to have generated sales of over $2 billion.

Furthermore, Jennifer Lopez is a very committed philanthropist, with her own charitable organization called Lopez Family Foundation. The foundation is geared towards increasing availablity of health care for marginalized women and children in USA and particularly Puerto Rico, Central America, and elsewhere. In addition to the foundation, she supports many other charities worldwide.

As a person, Jennifer Lopez is stunningly beautiful and very attractive. She is considered in numerous quarters as one of the sex symbols and most desirable women of all time. Her influence on people's perception about women's beauty and sexiness has so far been invaluable. For instance, she was named World Sexiest Woman of the Year in 1998 by Details magazine, and was top of FHM's 100 Sexiest Artists list twice. In 2011, she was named The Most Beautiful Woman by People magazine. But it is not only physical features that make Jennifer Lopez so attractive and adorable to people worldwide. Her incredible beauty is buttressed by extraordinary charisma, friendliness, empathy, confidence, and intelligence.

With net worth of $400 million as of November 2022 by Celebrity Net Worth magazine, Jennifer Lopez's career accomplishments are exemplary. Coupled with her unwavering support for disadvantaged groups in society, particularly marginalized children and women, Jennifer Lopez is, indeed, an incredible smart beautiful woman.


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