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Dr Zhang Xin Biography

Born on August 25, 1965, in Beijing, China, Dr Zhang Xin is the CEO of SOHO China, the largest commercial property development company in Beijing. She holds a Bachelors in Economics from University of Sussex, a Masters in Development Economics from Cambridge University, and a honorary Doctor of Laws from Sussex University, all in the UK.

With a net worth value of $3.6 billion as of 2019 by Celeberity Net Worth magazine, Dr Zhang Xin is one of the richest people in the world, 7 times richer than Queen Elizabeth II of England!

Dr Zhang Xin is not only filthy rich, but very beautiful and popular as well, with over 8 million followers on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter.

Together with her husband, Dr Zhang Xin also run a philanthropic organisation called SOHO China Foundation, that supports education programmes aimed at poverty eradication. In 2014 alone, the Foundation spent $100 million on it's charitable projects. A very massive amount indeed!

With all her phenomenal achievements as an entrepreneur, and her outstanding commitment to society through philanthropy, there is no doubt at all that Dr Zhang Xin is one of the smartest beautiful women in the world.


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