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Cher Says Her Mother Is Still An Ass Kicker

News January 5, 2022

Cher (75) has said that her mother Georgia Holt (95) is still an ass kicker, reported some media on January 4, 2022. Cher made the remark during a recent interview with E! News, that concerned a campaign she is carrying out for the luxury footwear and accessories brand UGG, according to the reports.

More specifically, the incredible diva observed that when outlining and elaborating the obstacles women have been facing through history, in their efforts toward making progress in their lives, with reference to women in the music industry. She reportedly mentioned, among others, some silly value orientations and men’s appetite for control or power as the major stumbling blocks to women’s progress endeavors.

Within the above context, Cher said that her mother who is now 95 was very tough when she was young. She added that her mother is still very tough and concluded later about her toughness during the interview as, and we partly quote:

“……My mom is 95 and still an ass kicker”

She even indicated that she isn’t so different from her mother!

Giving some more general perspectives about the issue of obstacles confronting women, Cher reportedly said, among others, that being oneself is difficult when one has no power, and that one must adjust to get what is desired/wanted. But then, overtime one gets tired of making such adjustments, she added. She continued that under such circumstances of power imbalance, to be yourself and also get what you want, one has to outsmart those with power probably implying men. Earlier during the interview, Cher had observed that men have power and women had to outsmart them.

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