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Celine Dion Biography

Celine Dion is a Canadian artist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She was born Celine Marie Claudette Dion on March 30, 1968 in Charlemagne, Quebec, Canada. Holder of a Honorary Doctorate in Music from Laval University, Laval, Quebec, Canada, Celine Dion had humble beginnings in a loving, happy and supportive family.

Her involvement in music started early in 1980 at the age of 12 when she wrote and composed her first song called Ce h'était qu'un réve, in collaboration with her mother and brother. By 1986 at the age of 18, she had released 9 albums, all in French. Two years later, she won the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin, Ireland, under the flag banner of Switzerland. After reportedly polished her English in 1989 at École Berlitz in Princeton, New Jersey, USA, Celine Dion released her first English album: Unison, in 1990. Despite the fair success of the album, it was not, however, until 1992, when she made a sustained entry into the world of fame and wealth as an artist. That happened with her recording of a song for Disney's famous animated movie: Beauty and the Beast, in a collaboration with Peabo Bryson. The duet, also called Beauty and the Beast was a great success, reaching No. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100. It also won a Grammy and Academy Award. After the duet, Celine Dion began releasing big time studio albums one after the other, totally 26 albums to-date including her earlier albums.

Some of her great studio albums in English after her career breakthrough include the following:

1) Celine Dion (1992)

2) The Colour of My Love (1993)

3) Falling Into You (1996)

4) Let's Talk About Love (1997)

5)These Are Special Times (1998)

6) A New Day Has Come (2002), among others.

As a music artist, Celine Dion has had tremendous influence on younger artists, with the following citing her as their major influencer or favourite artist: Rihanna, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Jessie J, Sevyn Streeter, Kelly Clarkson, Rita Ora, Delta Goodrem, among others.

So far, Celine Dion has sold over 200 million albums worldwide, making her one of the best selling artists of all time. Her immense contribution to the music industry is highly recognized and has been acknowledged with 252 Awards from all parts of the world.

The Awards include the following:

1) A star on Hollywood Walk of Fame (2004)

2) A star on Canada's Walk of Fame (1999)

3) 5 Grammy Awards

4) 7 Billboard Music Awards

5) 7 American Music Awards

6) Honorary Doctorate in Music from Laval University, Laval, Quebec, Canada, among others.

Celine Dion is also a very successful entrepreneur. Her business ventures are diverse including among others beauty products and particularly perfumes under the brand name of Celine Dion Parfums. The latter is reported to have yielded gross revenues exceeding $850 million since its inception in 2003. She also owns an artist management firm called Les Productions Feeling Inc. based in Laval, Quebec, Canada, as well as a golf club and restaurant.

Furthermore, she is a co-owner of an exclusive night club at the Caesars Palace in New York City.

In addition to being an accomplished music artist and entrepreneur, Celine Dion is renown for her commitment to philanthropy with her own charity called Celine Dion Foundation. Founded in 1982, the charity thrives towards helping sick and under-privileged children. Particularly, she has been supporting the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation since 1982, for which she took the role of National Celebrity Patron in 1993.

Also, Celine Dion has supported over 23 other charitable organizations so far, with particular interest in Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation that she has been actively supporting since 1982, and for which she took the role of National Celebrity Patron in 1993.

Other charitable organizations she has supported include the following:

1) World Vision

2) Artists Against Racism

3) Diana Princes of Wales Memorial Fund

4) American Heart Foundation

5) Cancer Research Institute

6) Autism Speaks

7) Kids Wish Network

8) Reality Cares

9) War Child

Above all, Celine Dion is a very generous donator to victims of disasters. For instance she donated $1 million to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, and $100 000 to China Children and Teenagers' Fund. During the Asian Tsunami in 2004, she organized a fund raising even for the victims that raised over $1 million.

As an individual, Celine Dion has been described by some as beautiful inside and outside, as well as sweet and down to earth; with others saying she is a woman of pure class that can not be faked. Overall, Celine Dion who is very beautiful, is generous, humble, empathetic, charismatic, sophisticated, intelligent, and very loyal to those who love her.

With net worth of $800 million as of 2019 by Celebrity Net Worth magazine, Celine Dion is no doubt one of the richest women in the world. Her music and her voice in particular, has been described in some quarters as beautiful and mesmerizing, and is loved worldwide. As such, she has made many people in the world happy through out her music career so far. Coupled with her staunch commitment to philanthropy, Celine Dion is definitely one of the greatest smart beautiful women of all time.


Last update: December 20, 2019

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