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Camila Cabello Had Debut Sexual Encounter At 20

Female Celebrity News | Entertainment & Lifestyle | Camila Cabello May 21, 2024

Camila Cabello (27) has revealed that she lost her virginity during her debut sexual encounter that took place at the age of 20. She made the candid revelation recently on The Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard podcast.

More specifically, the Never Be The Same hitmaker said on the podcast that she had her debut sexual encounter with her ex-boyfriend, relationship/dating expert Matthew Hussey who is now 36. She then described the sexual experience, saying and we quote partly as follows.

".......It was late for my first relationship. I was 20".

She went on with more interesting details about the sexual encounter, saying and we quote partly again as thus.

"....It was literally love making. It was beautiful..."

She continued the description saying and we quote partly again as follows.

"...It was like perfect first relationship.."

She added that the debut sexual encounter did not only imply end of her virginity, but also broadened her world because Matthew Hussey was not in the music industry as herself.

Camila Cabello dated Matthew Hussey from 2018 to 2019.

Fascinating revelation of sexual nature by the incredible Camila Cabello.


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