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Brittany Bell Gives Birth To Her 3rd Child With Nick Cannon

Celebrity News October 2, 2022

Brittany Bell (34) has given birth her 3rd child with Nick Cannon (41). That was announced by Nick Cannon on Instagram on September 30, 2022. The new-born is Nick Cannon’s 10th child.

The model and former Miss Arizona now becomes the mother with the largest number of children with Nick Cannon.

And soon, Nick Cannon may be a father one more time and for the fourth time this year, when pregnant Abby De La Rosa (31) gives birth anytime now, because rumors are that he is the father of the unborn child. He has already two children with the model.

Last month, Lanisha Cole (40) joined the list of mothers of Nick Cannon’s children, becoming mother no. 6, after giving birth to her 1st child with the famous comedian and the latter’s 9th child.

The other five different mothers of Nick Cannon’s 10 children are as thus.

  1. Brittany Bell (3 children)

  2. Mariah Carey (2 children)

  3. Abby De La Rosa (2 children)

  4. Bre Tiesi (1 child)

  5. Alyssa Scott (1 child)

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