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Britain’s PM Liz Truss Resigns

Celebrity News October 20, 2022

Britain’s Prime Minister Liz Truss has resigned after been in power for just 44 days. The embattled PM who came to power on September 6, 2022, announced her resignation in the afternoon of October 20, 2022.

The resignation of PM Liz Truss follows weeks of political turbulence and chaos in Britain that emanated from massive pre-mature attacks on her regime by her opponents locally and abroad. The attacks began almost as she took power.

More specifically, the merciless attacks broke out after her government announced its policies aimed at addressing the ailing British economy. One of the cornerstones of her government’s initial policies seems to have been an assumption that low taxes can attract investments hence catalyse national economic growth, and that revenue lost from tax cuts can be recouped from revenues and other benefits accruing from attracted investments.

In more general terms, the attacks and eventual resignation of PM Liz Truss seem to suggest a political system that embodies a democracy that is in limbo, that unleashes criticisms on those who assume power democratically, even before their policies are implemented. That creates political chaos and confusion that often are blamed on the new leaders.

Within this context, it is impossible to say precisely whether PM Liz Truss would have been successful in delivering what she promised during her campaign for the PM position, because she never got a chance. Particularly, we will never know if her government’s initial policies were correct, flawed, or even misunderstood, because they were never implemented.

In her resignation announcement, PM Liz Truss said she was resigning because she can not deliver the mandate she was elected for as the leader of the ruling party hence PM.

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