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Brie Tiesi Confirms Pregnancy Expecting A Child With Nick Cannon

News February 2, 2022

Brie Tiesi has confirmed she is pregnant expecting a child with Nick Cannon, reported some US media on February 1, 2022. That will be Nick Cannon’s 8th child, while the model will become the 5th mother of his children.

Brie Tiesi confirmation was inferred from her response to earlier speculations about her pregnancy, by which she reportedly said she was perplexed by the revelations made by the media about the pregnancy that she had hitherto successfully kept private for a variety of reasons.

Even Nick Cannon is said to has confirmed the news about his forthcoming child with Brie Tiesi, during his daytime talk show on January 31, 2022. _____________________________ © 2015 - 2022 JK Freelance Group. All Rights Reserved

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