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Bianca Censori Flashes Boobs Except Nipples During Solo Dinner Outing In Paris

Female Celebrity News | Female Celebrity Fashion & Beauty | Bianca Censori June 23, 2024

Bianca Censori on the night of June 20, 2024, was sighted in downtown Paris, France, flashing incredible bare boobs except nipples that were covered, as she confidently made her move towards the city's popular upmarket Italian restaurant Gigi Paris. She was reportedly alone on this occasion.

For the solo dinner outing in the manner described above, the popular architect was in an extraordinary ultra sexy 2-piece beige outfit entailing cropped pants alias capri pants or simply capris, and halter-neck suspender straps. The latter provided cover to her nipples while remaining parts of the boobs were available for viewing .

She accessorized the outfit with, among others, matching heeled footwear, and curly pink hair.


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