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Bebe Rexha Unleashes Ferocious Attack On The Music Industry

Female Celebrity News | Entertainment & Lifestyle July 3, 2024

In a chain of posts on X on July 2, 2024, Bebe Rexha unleashed ferocious attack on the music industry, accusing it for maltreatment, and vowing to deliver a merciless response to that soon.

More specifically, the music superstar slammed the music industry for, among others, silencing and punishing her. She then threatened to kill the industry, and hinted how she could that, saying she has incriminating secret information about the music industry, that could bring down the whole industry or at least a big part of it, if she decides to spill the beans. She indicated that she may do exactly that soon because she is sick and tired of the industry.

This is not first time the Sacrifice hitmaker has lashed out at the music industry. In some previous attacks she even accused the industry of ageism. However, never before has she sounded so angry during an attack on the industry, and so determined to hit back at it, like in this occasion.

Nevertheless, an absolutely fascinating fierce attack on the music industry by the extraordinary Bebe Rexha, that should probably not be overlooked by the industry!


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