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Ariana Grande Ditches Wedding Ring As She Attends Wimbledon 2023 Final. Marriage Problems?

Celebrity News | Celebrity Fashion & Beauty | Ariana Grande July 17, 2023

Ariana Grande (30) attended Wimbledon 2023 Men's Singles Final that was held on July 16, 2025. That was reported by various media and herself on Instagram.

According to the reports, however, there was some striking things of her appearance at the prestigious tennis Grand Slam event in London. She ditched her wedding ring. Also, her husband Dalton Gomez was not in town, and instead she seems to have chosen to be accompanied to the event by Jonathan Bailey, one of the co-stars in the movie called Wicked (2024). Whether there is something romantic going on between herself and the co-star is unknown, at least for now.

The missing wedding ring on Ariana Grande's ring finger at Wimbledon immediately made headlines globally and has sparked rumors that it may imply the Into You hitmaker's marriage to the landed property agent may be in serious trouble, with some sources even going as far as speculating that the couple may have already gone separate ways. At the same time, in the posts she shared on Instagram, Ariana Grande seems to have talked about everthing that happened at Wimbledon except why she ditched her wedding ring. Fascinating unfolding celebrity romance situation!

Notwithstanding, for the Grand Slam event, the popular music megastar was in trendy outfit entailing grey short sleeve high neck maxi dress.

The outfit was accessorized by black footwear, white Wimbledon cap, and shades, among others.

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez got married in a low key wedding in Montecito, CA, on May 15, 2021. Since then,the couple has kept their private life away from the public domain and has no kids together yet.

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