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Amber Rose Supports Trump As Presidential Nominee In US 2024 Presidential Election

Female Celebrity News May 21, 2024

Amber Rose supports ex-President Donald Trump as presidential nominee in the forthcoming US 2024 Presidential Election. The election is due to be held in November 2024.

Amber Rose revealed her support for Donald Trump in a photo of herself with the ex-president and his wife Melanie Trump, that she shared on Instagram on May 20, 2024. She captioned the photo "Trump 2024".

The model's endorsement of Donald Trump for the 2024 US Presidential Election presents a major shift in her political stance about the ex-president. During the US 2016 Presidential Election, she was one of the harsh critics among celebrities, of the Make America Great Again ex-president. Then, she even vowed to leave the US and move to another country somewhere, may be Ghana, if Trump would win the election. Trump won and surprisingly Amber Rose stayed put.

Amber Rose's sudden shift in political stance could probably be a result of meticulous comparative analysis by herself, of the performance of Donald Trump in terms of what he delivered to the US and the world during his 4-year reign, and that of his predecessor Biden so far.


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