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Alyssa Scott And Nick Cannon Expecting Their Second Child Together

Celebrity News | Entertainment & Lifestyles October 29, 2022

Alyssa Scott (29) announced on Instagram on October 26, 2022, that she is pregnant.

According to some US media, the father of the child is the popular comedian/actor Nick Cannon (42).

The expected child will be Alyssa Scott and Nick Cannon second child together, and Nick Cannon’s 12th child if a child Abby De La Rosa is expecting is his as rumored.

Six different famous women including the extraordinary diva Mariah Carey constitute the iconic list of mothers of Nick Cannon’s numerous children. The mothers and number of children with Nick Cannon are as thus.

  1. Brittany Bell (3 children)

  2. Mariah Carey (2 children)

  3. Abby De La Rosa (2 children)

  4. Lanisha Cole (1)

  5. Bre Tiesi (1 child)

  6. Alyssa Scott (1 child)

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