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AI Manipulation Of Australian Female MP's Photo Gives Her Enlarged Boobs, Crop Top, And Skirt

Female Celebrity News February 1, 2024

AI manipulation of a photo of an Australian female member of parliament (MP), gave her enlarged boobs, crop top, and skirt, reported some media on January 31, 2024.

According to the reports, the original (authentic) photo of the MP, namely Georgie Purcell (31), showed her having rather medium size boobs and in an outfit entailing white sleeveless dress with low cut square neckline.

However, after the imagery manipulation, things changed drammatically for her, attaining boobs that have grown in size considerably, and her outfit entailing white sleeveless crop top with low cut square neckline, and white skirt.

The manipulated image of the MP said to be the youngest female MP in Australia, was aired recently by an Australian TV news channel called 9News of Melabourne. The TV channel is said to have blamed an AI tool for doctoring the MP's photo, saying that the tool did that automatically.


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