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Do You Know Lisa Marie Presley And King Of Pop Had Wild Sex?

Do you know Lisa Marie Presley and the King of Pop Michael Jackson had some wild sex just before they got married? Yes, they did or at least allegedly did! That is revealed in a book titled Dark Lady by Anthony Gregorelli, as well publications in some media in 2019.

According to the revelations allegedly made by Lisa Marie herself, she and Michael Jackson had sex in Donald Trump's mansion in Florida, prior to their married in 1994. She said the pre-marital sex was necessary for her to know before marriage Michael Jackson was good in bed or what she phrased as to make sure he could fulfill his marital spousal duties.

She allegedly described her first sexual encounter with the King as thus.

Sex with the King of Pop was absolutely wild, said Lisa Marie Presley. Bonking all night long, with the King singing and shrieking every time he approached orgasm!

As for sex during the rest of their relationship, the sole daughter of the King of Rock & Roll Elvis Presley reportedly observed sex with Michael Jackson was the best sex she has ever had!

Some other sources even suggest it is the outstanding sexual capability of the King of Pop, that is the cause of failure of Lisa Marie Presley's subsequent marriages that followed her divorce from Michael Jackson, like the one to Nicolas Cage. The sources go on to propounding Lisa Marie Presley could have used the King of Pop's sexual excellence as a yardstick for assessing sexual performance of all her subsequent lovers after the incredible experience with the King. At the same time, some subsequent lovers probably aware of the King of Pop's extra-ordinary sexual capability, could have been psychologically affected and simply became unable to perform to their their full capacity sexually, knowing the King himself was there before them!

Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson were married from 1994 to 1996.


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