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Tall Men + Short Women = Success?

On November 27, 2015, featured an article that suggested that there is a relationship between heights of people and their success, from the business front up to the performance in the bedroom.

Specifically, the article propounded that tall men and short women are the best performers in all spheres of life, hence always winners; while short men and tall women are always poor performers in life hence always losers!

The article went further to suggesting that some short men who have excelled in life, like Tom Cruise, Lionell Messi, Diego Maradona, etc, are exceptional cases. The same applies, the article continued, for tall women who have been successful in life.

Quite an interesting article, isn't it? Could it provide explanation why tall men tend to marry short women, like indicated by some selected photos in the video above? But then, why do short men marry tall women, or vice versa, given the facts provided by the article? Furthermore, why have many marriages between tall men and short women failed to last for long? Also, why do short women tend to marry or have relationships with shorter men after they split from tall men?

Notwithstanding, however, we can only ask ourselves such questions if we agree with the article! If we don't, could we say that the article is no more than just rhetoric from some egoistic tall men who would wish to have all the beautiful women for themselves? Or egoistic short women who would wish to have all men for themselves? We have our views about the article.

What are your views? Do you agree with what is propounded in the article? If not, why? Let us debate this with some insights from the video!!!


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