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Greatest Celebrity Couples Of All Time. Rihanna And Chris Brown

Documentraies | Rihanna December 26, 2018

Rihanna and Chris Brown romantic relationship between 2005 and 2009 is definitely one of the greatest celebrity relationships ever, despite its tragic ending. The latter could probably have been a result of the fact that the relationship was to the largest extent a teenage love relationship, with both Rihanna and Chris Brown lacking adequate knowledge and experience about the complexity and intricacies of such relationships.

At the beginning of the relationship, Rihanna and Chris Brown were just 17 and 16 year old respectively, and ended sadly 4 years later when both had just turned 20. It is very probable that if their relationship had taken place some years later when lets say they were in their 20s, the outcome could been quite different! This is the appropriate context within which the tragic ending of their relationship should be viewed.

So strong and powerful was the love between Rihanna and Chris Brown, that even after the unfortunate tragic ending of their relationship, they could not forget the great moments they had together and move on! They kept on revisiting it, several times in what could be termed "on and off" reunions, with the 2003 reunion as most notable. With both having declared publicly in different occasions that they will always love each other, their incredible teenage love relationship is very likely to shape their future relationships through probably providing the yardstick for assessing their future partners.

As such, for any eligible single out there to capture the heart of any of them and prevail in ensuing romantic relationship, would have to recognize, accept, and respect that the amount of love they will receive may never exceed or even be equal to what Rihanna and Chris Brown delivered to each other. Frightening love scenario but may be very real indeed!

The above impact of big time love experience has been witnessed before. It was rumored some years ago how Nicolas Cage's marriage to the daughter of the undisputed King of Rock & Roll, Lisa Marie Presley was haunted by the latter's previous marriage to the undisputed King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and ended prematurely! According to the rumors, Nicolas Cage reportedly failed to recognize, accept, and respect that Lisa Marie Presley's marriage to the King of Pop presented her biggest love ever, and that it could not be challenged by anyone. So when he persistently kept on making unrealistic demands for Lisa Marie Presley to give him love that was more or equal to the amount she gave to the King, the marriage ended right there!

In the video above, some meticulously selected photos of Rihanna and Chris Brown in their numerous happy moments during their romantic relationship are presented. Some photos of the duo during their "on and off" reunions after broke up in 2009, are also included in the later part of the video.


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