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Dr Elon Bomani Biography

Biographies | Dr Elon Bomani

Dr Elon Bomani is an African American entrepreneur, outstanding thinker, inspirational speaker, and philanthropist.

Founder and CEO of DynamicsDiva.Com, based in Houston, Texas, USA, Dr Bomani holds an A.S. degree from Essex County College, B.A. in Political Science from Rutgers University and a Masters in Natural Health from Clayton College of Natural Healing. Furthermore, she is a Doctor of Naturopathy licensed in Washington, D.C.

Dr Bomani made headlines worldwide when she became a millionaire, just 18 months after she separated from her husband in 2001, and became homeless with her baby son. A very extraordinary entrepreneur indeed, who is also now a popular inspirational speaker.

A self-proclaimed conscious capitalist, Dr Bomani has recently published a book titled: "Dynamic Diva Dollars".

Dr Elon Bomani has demonstrated unprecedented and extra ordinary speed and success in the history of personal problem resolution. Together with other accomplishments she has made so far, there is no doubt whatsoever, Dr Bomani is an outstanding thinker and entrepreneur, hence a very smart beautiful woman indeed.


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