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Keira Knightley Slams Duchess Of Cambridge For Hypocrisy About Post-Birth Pain

British actress Keira Knightley has severely criticized the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton for portraying a false post-birth appearance during the birth of her three kids.

In a damning article, The Weaker Sex, explored by some media sources on October 7, 2018, Keira Knightley castigated the duchess for hiding the pain endured during giving birth by among others appearing stylish in high heels with her face made up, and looking beautiful without showing any indication whatsoever the life and death fight and screaming she had been through just some seven or so hours earlier. Ms Knightley argued such unreal presentation about the aftermath of giving birth by Kate Middleton was bound to set impossible standards for emulation by other new mothers.

Merciless attack on the Duchess of Cambridge by the incredible Keira Knightley, that may probably trigger unprecedented response from the British royal!

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