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Alice Bah Kuhnke Biography

Biographies | Celebrity Fashion & Beauty June 21, 2018

Alice Bah Kuhnke is Sweden's Minister of Culture and Democracy, and probably one of the most beautiful cabinet ministers in the world.

Alice Bah Kuhnke was born Alice Bah in Malmö City in Skåne Region on December 21, 1971, to a Swedish mother and a Gambian father, but grew up in a little town called Horda in neighboring Småland Region.

After completing high school, she joined Stockholm University in 1999 where she successful graduated with a degree in 2003. Before been appointed a cabinet minister, Ms Alice Bah Kuhnke was a television presenter. She is also a co-founder of a Swedish think tank called Sektor 3.

As a Minister for Culture and Democracy, Ms Alice Bah Kuhnke has contributed tremendously to inclusive development in Sweden, and specifically to efforts geared towards enhancement of integration of minority groups into the mainstream of Sweden's social, economic, and political realms. Her recently launched initiative for eradicating de facto discrimination of Swedes of African ancestry, or what she prefers referring to as Afrophobia, is a good example of her invaluable contribution to Sweden's integration effort.

Ms Bah Kuhnke who is a member of the Swedish Green Party, is also a strong advocate of sustainable development, as well as heritage-led development.

In addition to her official duties, Ms Kuhnke is a great athlete, with 200 meter sprinting as her favorite. She was one of Sweden best sprinters in this distance in late 1980s.

Furthermore, Ms Bah Kuhnke seems to us at least, to be a great fashion enthusiast, always dressed in trendy fashion outfits and fashion accessories, unlike many other elite politicians who often dress in boring classic conformity outfits! On April 29, 2022, she won the Year Gala-Look Award at Sweden’s Elle Galan 2022 ceremony held at Grand Hotel in downtown Stockholm.

Ms Alice Bah Kuhnke is the only African Swedish minister in the current Swedish Government, and the second in the Swedish history. Social class mobility in Sweden hence climbing up the Swedish social ladder, for Swedes with African ancestry is very difficult indeed, due to chronic de facto racism. Ms Alice Bah Kuhnke successfully and strategically managed to break through the formidable stumbling blocks posed by the native Swedish society to African Swedes in achieving their personal success. Together with other milestones she has made in her life, Ms Alice Bah Kuhnke is definitely a very smart beautiful woman indeed, and her life so far, provides great inspiration to all people of African ancestry in the world.

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