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Make America Hot Again, Says Paris Hilton As She Announces Running For US President

Paris Hilton has joined Kanye West as heavyweight celebrities intending to run for US president in 2020. The very popular self-made beauty multi-millionaire is said to have made the landmark political announcement on the social media recently.

In entering the race to the White House against incumbent President Donald Trump, former Vice President Joe Biden, and of course the famous rapper and entrepreneur Kanye West, Paris Hilton reportedly said her campaign slogan will be “Make America Hot Again” or probably in other words “Make America Sexy Again”.

Very hot herself, Paris Hilton is said to have picked another very popular and hot female beauty mogul, Rihanna, as her running mate.

She reportedly added that if she wins the top US political position, she will give the White House some redecorating and a woman touch!

If Paris Hilton were, indeed, to win the coming US presidential election that is scheduled for November 2020, she will make history by becoming the first US female president after Hilary Clinton failed to do that in 2016. She will also definitely become one of the most beautiful female heads of state the world has ever seen, hence joining just a handful of such female leaders like Thailand’s former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra.


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