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Jessie J Discerns Philosophical Underpinnings Of The Aging Process After Trolls Called Her Old

Female Celebrity News | Entertainment & Lifestyle February 15, 2024

Jessie J (35) has delivered a fascinating philosophical response to comments made by some trolls on the Internet, by which they unleashed a merciless ageist attack on her that she was now looking old. She made the response in one of her latest posts she shared on Instagram.

More specifically, the Thunder hitmaker told the trolls that and we quote:

"I enjoy looking like I've lived a life"

She then discerned her philosophical underpinnings of the aging process, saying that aging is a natural process, and indicated that the process leads into imperfections. She continued that she accepts such imperfections as testament of her experience. She added that, as such, she does not use Botox, and filler, or edit her photos.

Jessie J's response was a terrible blow to the trolls who probably thought she would have been disturbed by their negative comments. It also portrays rather rare pragmatism among the rich and famous alias celebrities, as regards aging. Many of those who belong to this social group don't truly accept the aging process and particularly its inevitable subsequent imperfections. Bluntly, they distaste the latter.

So, many celebrities have been doing all they can to fight the imperfections, at least for a while. So far, they have been doing that through cosmetic augmentation alias cosmetic plastic surgery or simply cosmetic procedures, as well as physical fitness and lifestyle changes.


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