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Shontelle Biography

Biographies | Shontelle August 5, 2018

Shontelle was born Shontelle Layne in October 4, 1985 in Saint James, Barbados. She is a recording artist, song writer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. A graduate of West Indies University, Shontelle is very intelligent, sophisticated, and stunningly beautiful.

As a recording artist and song writer, her music features a variety of genres that include reggae, R&B, pop, and hip pop. Apart from her own great hits like those in her two albums namely Shontelligence and No Gravity, Shontelle has had several collaborations with some other big time artists including Pitbull, Bruno Mars, Akon, her friend Rihanna, and more recently in July 2018, Arman.

In recognition of her contribution to the music industry, Shoentelle has been honored with several awards including Harper's Bazaar Star Awards' International Music Icon award in Otober 2019.

Shontelle is a very committed philanthropist. She has contributed immensely to charitable endeavors, through raising funds for a variety of charitable organizations that include: Together For Care, She Is The First for girls education, Save The Music Foundation, and Breast Cancer Charities for research.

Given her remarkable accomplishment in her career life, as well as her invaluable contribution towards improving the quality of life in the world through philanthropy, there is no doubt, whatsoever, Shontelle is a very smart beautiful woman indeed.


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